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1.Group Profile
 Infore Environment Technology Group Stock Co., Ltd. (Abb: Infore Enviro, stock symbol: 000967) is committed to taking the lead in the industry of intelligent environmental equipment and services major in environmental sanitation robotics and becoming a respectful and reliable enterprise. Currently, Infore Enviro has already set up 6 large industrial bases, 10 R&D platforms, 64 subsidiaries, and over 300 operating centers around China, and the business has already been expanded around the world.

By maintaining a strategic duel emphasis on "equipment + service", Infore Enviro has operated in both the intelligent environmental equipment and the intelligent environmental service sectors. With subsidiary brands such as Zoomlion Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Zoomlion-Enviro") , Infore Technology, Shenzhen Green Eastern Environmental Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shangfeng Special Blower Industrial Co., Ltd., and Wellkey, Infore Enviro has expanded its business scope covering sanitation equipment, environmental sanitation robotics, environmental monitoring, sanitation integration service, and intelligent environment management. Since it acquired Zoomlion-Enviro as its wholly-owned subsidiary in 2018, Infore Enviro has been engaging in sanitation equipment and services and developing its intelligent services and unmanned sanitation equipment, improving harmony between human and nature with advanced intelligent technology.

2.Subsidiaries Profile
Changsha Zoomlion Environmental Industrial Co., Ltd.
 Changsha Zoomlion Environmental Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zoomlion Enviro) is an environmental protection industrial group with a leading operation scale and brand influence in the industry, focusing entirely on high-technology equipment R&D and manufacturing of sanitation machines and environmental protection equipment, as well as investment and operation on environmental protection projects.
 Thanks to the scientific research capability of its national-level scientific research institute and world-class manufacturing capacity on environmental protection equipment, Zoomlion Enviro has set up a complete environmental protection machines product line to provide an overall solution to its clients on road cleaning, wastes collection and transportation, the city’s sewer cleaning and maintenance, snow removal, etc.. Zoomlion Enviro has taken the lead and participated in establishing 80% of technical standard in the industry. Its product has been taking the biggest market share for a consecutive 16 years and the core products even reached 65% coverage of the market.
 In 2015, Zoomlion Enviro merged with the Italian company LADURNER, bringing its R&D and treatment technology on environmental protection equipment to national level due to the combination of domestic and internal advantages on technology and projects. Breakthroughs are made on comprehensive treatment on bio-waste, leachate, sewage from villages and towns, household waste as well as soil restoration and construction waste disposal and resource handling etc.. By the end of 2017, more than 100 projects on comprehensive environmental treatment and operation services have been carried out in more than 20 provinces in China.
Universtar Science & Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
 Universtar Science & Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in March 2002 with a registered capital of 1.1 billion RMB. It was selected as a national high-tech enterprise in 2008 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infore Enviro in 2015, dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of environmental monitoring equipment, as well as design and development of smart environmental protection system. As a comprehensive solution provider of ecological and environmental monitoring, Universtar mainly serves governments and enterprises to offer its services covering environmental monitoring equipment and environmental supervision platform development.
 Three research and development bases have been established in Shunde, Shenzhen and Changsha with an effort to continuously push forward technological innovation, independent research and development, along with persistence on the research and development philosophy: independent research and development, integration of production, teaching and research, international cooperation. The company has obtained many scientific research achievements on patents, software copyrights and science and technology awards. 30 branches offices together with more than 100 service centers have formed a service network covering 31 provinces and 261 prefectural-level cities. Universtar upholds the idea of putting customer demand at the first place, making a greater contribution to the construction of a beautiful China with the help a large localized service team to provide excellent after-sales service and seize the market opportunities at the same time.
Shenzhen Green Oriental Environmental Protection Co, Ltd.
 As a subsidiary of Infore Environment Technology Group Stock Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Green Oriental Environmental Protection Co, Ltd. has entered the household waste incineration and electricity generation industry since 1997, and already specialized on solid waste treatment including household waste incineration and electricity generation for 21 years. It focuses on providing solutions in environmental business sectors, such as comprehensive treatment on city solid waste, construction of circular economy industrial park, garbage and rubbish incineration and electricity generation, integration on environmental protection and sanitation, agricultural and forest waste disposal, etc..
 Shenzhen Green Oriental Environmental Protection Co, Ltd. has either contracted, or established and operated 12 waste incineration and power generation projects at national level, and 3 projects on circular economy industrial park have been contracted and constructed already. The Company has developed itself into an environmental protection enterprise with integration of domestic investment, construction and operation on comprehensive industry chain on solid waste treatment and management.
Guangdong Shangfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
 Guangdong Shangfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infore Environment Technology Group Co., Ltd., was established in September of 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million RMB, specializing in R&D and manufacturing of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment.
 The Company has built up a team of professionals and talented personnel in the chemical, electronic, electrical, and software fields, equipped with a comprehensive system for technology development, quality management, production and after-sales service.
 The Company will live the core corporate culture of “simplicity, respect and fast execution” and fulfill the corporate mission of creating value for customers, generation wealth for shareholders, making opportunities for employees and bringing benefits for the society. It will also maximize its advantages of advanced technology and equipment and stick to the direction on being a professional and technical development company with a task to improve environmental quality, aiming to provide more and better products and services for China’s environmental monitoring.
Zhejiang Shangfeng Wind Fan Co., Ltd.
 The former company of Zhejiang Upper Designed Wind Fan Co., Ltd. was Shangyu Industrial Fan Factory established in 1974. After 40 years of development, the former merged with Shangyu Wind Fan Co., Ltd. in 2013, the industry leader in wind fan for industrial and civil construction, the company was renamed to Zhejiang Upper Designed Wind Fan Co., Ltd. in 2015 after another three years of business restructure, staff integration and resource optimization. Thanks to its publicly-listed parent company, the company is able to grow on a bigger platform and committed to become a respected and reliable high-end equipment manufacture and service provider in domestic and international market.
 After the merger and reorganization, the Company has further improved its capability in R&D, production, management and sales, and become a leading enterprise in three major segments of nuclear power, rail transportation, industrial and civil. Meanwhile it has entered the field of industrial fan, environmental protection equipment, marine and military products.